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"Headshaking" or "HS"

Is a Symptom of the Trigeminal Neuralgia in Horses. 

The vet. med.  literature describes HS as a sudden, interrupted and uncontrolled up and down hitting with the head.  By now it is a known fact, that HS is a neurological disease of the trigeminal nerve and it's branches. The same illness in human is known as "Tic Doloreux"

One thing you should know up front, before you start reading this site: your Headshaker is suffering, your horse is ill, you should not try to help him with symptom suppressive drugs or aids only - nets, UV-masks or hard core medication. There is lots more going on in the horses system as symptoms might tell you!

This site tries to help owners to understand the complex neuralgia and explains another way of therapy than school medicine. TCM Phyto-Therapy - Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine - we successfully use worldwide since several years, not only for Headshaker but also Cushing's, Girth-Syndrome, respiratory illnesses, behavior issues etc. IMCB 2004

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In my prime, I loved the Way;
a Chungnan cottage in old age.
When I want to roam alone,
wonders are wasted all on me.
Hiking to the river's source,
sitting, watching clouds arise.
Sometimes with an old recluse,
talking, laughing, free from time.

Wang Wei (699-761 A.D.)




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